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Have you always wanted to attend a clinic with Brad and Tim, but were never in the right place at the right time? Now you can get the same experience on your own
Watch and study as Tim and Brad host a trail clinic with a variety of human and equine skill levels. Hear their training and coaching tips on how to maneuver successfully through a trail course, where there are opportunities to plus (+) maneuvers, and potential tricky areas.
You will better understand trail courses and be able to analyze future courses as you hear the course designer’s point of view from Tim “The Trail Man” Kimura as he shares his reasoning, knowledge, and best strategies with you.
As only this team can, you will also hear from Brad Jewett, as he shares a judge’s perspective on the course, and how judges reach their decision from their eyes to the score sheet. If you love the trail, you’ll love this video series! Being able to access knowledge and tips from a multi world championship (in multiple breeds) course designer, while simultaneously hearing feedback from a multi world champion Trainer and Judge is the ultimate full circle of information for any exhibitor, and Horse Show Network Members can do all of that and more from the comfort of their home, and on their own schedule.

Come along for the ride as Brad takes you through the process of creating the future all around horse. A step by step process into how to prepare a horse mentally and physically for his future as a show horse.
Listen as Brad prepares his riders for the weekend show or prepares them for a World Championship Show. Success in the show ring is much more complex than simply riding the pattern or the class. Mental preparedness, fortitude, and the rider’s ability to handle the unexpected often makes the difference for a call back.

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